NN Technoz offers web application development services to help businesses meet their objectives. NN Technoz's dedicated WordPress development team works towards building robust, valuable and sophisticated web solutions for clients; ensuring capability to inject desired features and functionalities.

  • Responsive web UI/UX design.
  • WordPress widget theme creation.
  • Podcast configuration.
  • Server & domain migration.
  • Maintenance & Support.
  • Custom plugin development and installation.

WordPress provide a powerful platform to manage a website and supports a high level of customization.

HTML5 provides the advanced tags to integrate the multimedia content smoothly, also the tags have language with xml syntax embeded in it along with support of CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) which have very good support of DOM scripting. HTML5 and CSS combined enables to create web pages with smoothly integrated Multimedia content such as music, video animation, Cross-document messaging, and MIME Support. HTML5 unleashes the power to the web developer to create an unparalleled pages for the website.

  • Creating dynamic HTML websites with blogs, forums, and articles.
  • Managing web tools integrations, and web services – both offline and online.
  • Sketching 2D & 3D image processing, file casting services, HTML canvas 2D context.
  • Maintenance of Microdata (HTML5), Adobe Flash Themes, MIME Types.
  • Localizing Windows servers, HTTP, FTP, and UDP services.
  • 24×7 Customer Support – e-Mail, Google Talk, and Skype.

skilled HTML5 Developers concentrated on latest XML integrations; Audio & Video support By Google API, CSS Manifest, Content Scripting, and other.

Angular JS has powerful features such as data binding and dependency injection, which eliminate the much of the duplication during the web development phase. Less code means faster development and ease of maintenance. Angular JS lets you use the markup language such as HTML(5) as the template language. Angular JS also enables fast web development for the dynamic webpages and ease in maintenance of the same.

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  • Resource allocation (both human and materials)We provide with customized angular JS app. We comprehend that every business need is different. You might need a service, a feature or a tool which may be a total waste for other enterprise. Hence, we cater to the need of tailor need app..
  • We are a big fan of customer-centric approach. Thus, you can be assured that your business will be witnessed as a priority with us. We make sure to suffice your queries and satisfy you as our client..
  • Smooth and extensive testing of the application is done by us. We make sure that the application is bug free..
  • Our technical expertise ensures that we provide you with the best of the services and features.

Our jQuery experts are always ready to help you with all kind of jQuery development services using advanced technology, talent and creativity.

  • Development of widgets and applications to suit your business needs..
  • Perfect implementation and optimization of several methodologies for improving web development services..
  • Cost effective and on-time delivery of services..

Joomla is another Content Management System(CMS) with popular backend database support such as MySQLi, MySQL

  • High level of customization and Built-in SEO functionality
  • Easy content management and E-commerce friendly
  • Blogging friendly website and Performance-oriented solutions